December 27th, 2008

bwa kawk

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You find 839 Neopoints!!!

You find a Neohome Fruit Cake Launcher!!!

You also find a Fruit Cake Slingshot!!!

Now that I've stuffed myself fulla leftover pizza and coffee, I suppose it's time to get ready for my long arse walk to work.

The trip yesterday took a bit over 45 minutes, instead of my usual 20/25. It was raining the entire time, which resulted in very uneven, packed, ice-ish snow sidewalks - about an inch or two of packed down stuff. It was extremely slow going and my ankles hurt by the time I got there from all the almost-twisting they were doing. My shoes and socks were also beyond soaked, which resulted in a delicious feeling for my entire shift - and an even more tasty smell after I got home ^_^ I don't look forward to lugging an extra set of shoes and socks with me, but with the alternative...

Work wasn't TOO horrendous - many many returns. A cracked out lady with a (probably) stolen $260 scanner (I do the cycle counts each week, so I know that we had one magically come up missing a couple of months ago) returned to try to return the thing AGAIN. She tried to return it for store credit about two or three weeks ago, and I refused. She obviously chose a crap night to come in, as the three people standing immediately inside were the exact same people that she tried to return it through the first time. I called the sister store in case she went over there - the manager answering the phone got snippy with me "You already told me about her." Um, yes, two weeks ago. "What? She came in AGAIN?!?"

I also had many angry people that hadn't received their shipments yet - Um, hi. You live here. You have seen the snow. You couldn't get out of your driveway until now, why on earth do you think it would be safe and logical for a giant truck to try to traverse your unplowed hill?

Tis the season.