December 28th, 2008

disco star

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You find 170 Neopoints!!!

You find a Seasonal Turtleneck Jumper!!!

You also find a Holiday Fashion!!!

Because I received a loverly Christmas card from vivapink and inisfair with a demand request for this, I figured I would sneak it in after the holidays and on a day where a lot of people don't read LJ...

Yes, folks, it's me singing "Jingle Bell Rock" from an album called Season of Hope. It was a Christmas cd that my travel agency put out for Christel House International, a foundation that works to break the cycle of poverty in 3rd world countries.

It's an atrocious recording, really. I could go into the giant story about the setup and recording of it, but... too lazy. Just know that I didn't get to choose the song I sang, I only got two takes, and I was nervous beyond belief.

Shortly after moving here, I went to Portland Pride and entered a drawing to win $250 for a charity of my choice. As it was still fresh in my mind, I chose that charity and actually won. (I almost never win anything when luck is involved.) My name ended up in the next Pride newsletter - unfortunately, they couldn't read my name (which is hilarious, as my handwriting is actually pretty neat and legible most days) and I ended up on a mailing list.

To this day, I still receive mailings from Pride at my mother's house addressed to Aubrey Hymen.