December 30th, 2008


Marty's told me all about you.

You find 389 Neopoints!!!

You find a Jhudora Stocking of Treats!!!

You also find a Bucket of Coal!!!

Slept like poo. I finished the last two pages of The Subtle Knife - not even enough to get me into the plot much, but the sucker gave me nightmares. I remember wandering around a world with people eaten by Spectres. I had even started reading Feist's Krondor: the Betrayal afterwards.

I'm watching The Big Lebowski for the first time evur at this moment. I'm liking. I think I currently have Samurai Champloo, Vol 4 and The Cannonball Run in the mailbox, should I decide to go get it.

Thank GAWD I have the next two days off. Today was another hellish day of people screaming at me. I'm beginning to get used to angry people. I cheerfully followed a foot behind a shuffling, screaming elderly man all the way to the exit, professing my gleeful wish to help him, which pissed him off even more. I followed him half outside, yelling "I hope you have a nice day, sir!" He bellowed over his shoulder, "NO!!! YOOOOU have a nice day!" I turned to a customer to ring her up and said, "I WILL have a nice day... now!" Something tells me I need to reign in a bit of the snarkiness.

"You can all go to hell!"
"I'm here to help you, sir!"
"Not anymore, you can't! I won't let you!"
"I'm all yours as long as you need me!"
"It's too late, I'm never coming back!"
"Are you sure? I'm happy to help!"
"You have a nice day, sir!"
"NO!!! YOU have a nice day!"

My favorite response ever to my telling a screaming angry person to have a nice day was "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!"

.... okay. :)+

Whoozzat? Oh, Remus Lupin!