December 31st, 2008

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Yay for my second shipment of stuff from!

This shipment had:

- turnips
- beats
- pears
- satsumas
- apples
- carrots
- broccoli
- rainbow chard
- romaine lettuce(?)
- onion
- celery
- white potatoes

Any suggestions?

The roommates wanted to start eating well as of tomorrow, so it's tempting to walk up to the Thai place up the street and spend money I don't have on food I shouldn't eat.

Oooh, or pizza.
disco star

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In 2009, aubkabob resolves to...
Start a mandolin fund.
Give up trees.
Buy new candles.
Learn to play the music.
Drink four glasses of renaissance every day.
Stop sleeping with nicefuckingtree.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Part of me is sad that I didn't go out, part of me is greatly relieved. I generally try to not look at January first as a day for new beginnings and new possibilities, but why the hell not?

I wish a happy and wonderful New Year to you all and hope that this year brings you all that you deserve :)