January 3rd, 2009

plucky idea

Hey, I won!

I've realized lately how much fluff this journal is anymore. I used to chronicle my feelings and emotions and beliefs... well, not in a massive amount, but certainly more than I have been.

I generally don't make new years resolutions, but these are things I wish to work on:

I want to become a more active individual. I'm sick of my back/shoulder hurting all the time, of feeling giant and bloated. I want to actually USE that stupid gym membership that I've been paying for in order to give myself a better quality of life.

Combined with this, I want to eat better. Having random organics sent to me on a biweekly basis has already given me a bit more adventure in the kitchen. I would like to also cut out most meat and dairy.

I would like to... as cheesy as it sounds, remeet myself. Life has just turned into a monotony of work and WoW. Yes, I'm an adult and there seems to be monotony as you age, and a happiness of sorts with monotony, but... there's much more out there that I would like to experience, much more I would like to grow into.

I would also like to strengthen my relationships with the people who mean the most to me. My roommates, my mother, one or two friends. I have become very cynical in my old age regarding people and I seem to not open up as much as I used to. I went from being open to being friends with anyone to discarding those who I know are not... for me.

I would like to become a better supervisor/manager. I'm still quite green regarding all of this... leadership stuff. As cheesy as it sounds, I would absolutely love to be able to become a LEADER of others, as well as a pinnacle of direction, accomplishment, and other such things.

Finally, I would like to get my finances into order.
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I am THRILLED to be leaving for work.

Also, my hairs are getting long. Once I get my hands on a decent camera again, I shall also take a close up picture of my sexy grays and the stripe it seems like I'm going to have across the middle of my head (side to side, not front to back like a skunk.)

Enjoy your weekend!