January 5th, 2009

disco star

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I may start a fitness filter, so if'n you would like to be on it, let me know.

50 min on the elliptical yesterday, 40 min today. Thank you, Oprah, for being on so that I could zone out and actually make it that far - I was ready to quit and die after just ten minutes while listening to my mp3 player.

The coworkers that expressed sincere interest at doing the fit club thing was surprised to see me at work with a protein drink in hand and gym clothes in purse.

I'm going to use my iron lung Dib icon because that's how I feel after two gym days plus a stressy work day in between. I just can't wait to get to the point where I feel BETTER afterward, instead of deflated.

I'm doing my best to not allow myself to hop on the scales obsessively. I keep telling myself that I am only allowed to weigh myself on my days off, and that's if I happen to get out of bed when no one is in the upstairs bathroom. That will limit myself to once or twice a week.