February 27th, 2009

bacci tongue

Not using a cut, so neener.

Since the heavy duty construction has started, I've wondered where on earth Bacci is disappearing to during the day. I only see her near my desk after it all ends, appearing as if by magic.

Today was the first day I was home and awake when the building/destruction began, so I discovered where she went.

There's a teensy bit of room between our fireplace (which we've never used.. in fact, my desk blocks it) and our entertainment center. I stood here taking the picture, watching her breathing deeply and staring with fear towards the front window.

When a particularly loud noise occurred, she showed me her true hiding tactic:

.. sticking her head behind the entertainment center with the general belief of all cats: if the head is hidden, you can't see them at all!

Poor kitty.

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Let's play a game!!

This is a game of Age Gracefully/Age Dreadfully.

It seems as if you either do one or the other, never a middle road.

Rob Lowe? Age Gracefully.
Corey Haim? Age Dreadfully.

Your turn.