March 3rd, 2009

Dry Hump

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Thank God for working a bunch of early morning shifts - I woke up naturally at 730 am, shortly before the construction began on my apartment again. They are currently on the roof, making a WORLD of noise - something tells me the boy aren't sleeping.

Weird dreams of my brother cutting my hair and it bouncing back and forth between looking really cool and really scary. Methinks that this was brought on by watching The Bourne Identity right before bed. Never seen, and as I accidentally paid approximately sixty freaking bucks for The Bourne Ultimatum (due to not responding to Columbia House's Director's Selection in time and it shipping and overdrafting my account), I figured I could finally watch the thing... as soon as I saw the first two movies. (By this theory, I need to get my ass in gear and watch seasons one through five for 24, as I spent about $70 for season six for the same idiotic reason.)

I think it's finally been long enough that my anger at Matt Damon has ceased. Well, at least for THAT reason. I'm starting to have a new hatred for his flat acting in these movies. "Hello, I'm Matt Damon. I'm torn up inside because of everything I don't know about myself, but you'll never be able to tell the depth of it, as I show about as much emotion as wallpaper. At least I'm not Keanu Reeves."

What should it say about my life that they just announced on the news that The Purple One just released a new album, and I thought "Barney" instead of "Prince"? I don't even have kids, for poop's sake!!

Coworker Lori has been declaring Karl Urban as One Sexeh Man for (presumably) longer than I've known her. Now that I'm part way through The Bourne Supremacy, I'm wondering if he's taking applications for bearing his children, or if he would mind terribly if I humped his leg.


I really need to get rid of all the icons I never feel like using and uploading a buttload more.
disco star

How you figure, sports fan?

I got a free sample of Ave' in the mail a bit ago and finally got around to making it.

Holy crap, that is FOUL.

It tastes like I'm licking my cat's butt.

Watching Sliders season one.

Okay, so not finishing this drink. Ain't gonna do it. Now to do anything and everything I possibly can to get the taste OUT of my mouth. Lick my feet after walking out to get the mail barefoot? I'm certain that it would taste much better.

... as a disclaimer, I feel as if I should note that I never go outside barefoot. In fact, it seems as I age, the more aversion I get to walking barefoot and generally wear socks every waking moment I'm not in bed.

... as another disclaimer, I can't remember where on earth I applied for a free sample of this shite, nor why on earth I did. I was cleaning my desk and found it. I go on weird free stuff requesting benders, I do.

... as a disclaimer to the second disclaimer, I haven't requested free stuff for ages, as I don't want the extra mail/dead trees in my mailbox.

I really hope that they give my apartment complex a second garbage dumpster soon, as one for the entire complex is SO not cutting it.

Watched Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men last night. I weirdly enjoyed myself. This causes me to greatly question my sense of humor.