March 28th, 2009

disco star

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Holy liquid mucous, Batman! I can tell that Spring has sprung, as after a Claritin, Flonase, antihistamine eyedrops, etc., my allergies are still stabbing me with a fork.


Worked 7 am to 1030 pm yesterday, oddly not wanting to work today.

At least I have the next two days off. Maybe I'll actually finally make it to Andreas to see her pretty new house? We do have a giant pan to return to her....
disco star

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Me: I just got a letter from Comcast, it reads, "We value your business, and we look forward to offering you quality service with out interruption. As of the above date [March 24], our records indicate that your account is past due in the amount of $.00. Your total account balance is $28.43."

Jess: We should call them RIGHT NOW and offer to pay our zero dollars!!

Me: We could say "Will you take cash, check, or AIR for that?"

Silly Comcast. Wouldn't surprise me much if they still disconnect our service... as I think back to the many times last year that we paid our bill and they shut us off... as they kept crediting our payment to other people's accounts.

Now, we're debating if it's supposed to be "without" or "with out" interruption. I say one word, Jess says two, agrees with me.

I'm a hungry baby.