April 14th, 2009

Safe to Assume

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Woke up with this song going through my head:

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It paraded through my head incessantly until I finally played the darn thing. Now? Still going through my head, but it's a bit quieter now.

Dreams that I worked with a close-knit crew. We were very close to each other, though we sometimes irritated each other and there were some competition between some people, we were still family. I realized that I had never come to terms with Boone's death and how it had left a hole in our midst. I played his loss and how it made me feel over and over in my head, letting the emotions swarm over me.

I woke up crying from that idiotic dream. I've only seen one episode of Lost in.... sheesh, a couple few years, and it was two nights ago, when late-night television was showing the episode about his sister recalling her father's death as the dog drug her over by Boone's grave. Not the night I see it, but the following night, it digs itself into my dreams.

Will be going over to faetal's house today, to finally see her new house, yay! :D

I feel so bloated and gross.
disco star

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... in all my 34 year old glory.

My hairs are finally getting longer... certainly longer than the icon used with this post. I wear it back 99% of the time, which makes me wonder why I even bother to grow it out.

New Uldul... Uldua... ULDamaon.... new BIG HONKIN PATCH on WoW, resulting in all sorts of changes, good and bad, a long-ass download time, a ton of server downtime, refunding of all talent points, and a need to refigure out how to play your stupid class again.