April 22nd, 2009

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Rune Days are my FAVORITE! Dearest newroticgirl hath invited all of yous to drop by and leave a comment before midnight tonight. She will then draw a rune for you :) Just let her know that I sent you, so that she doesn't have seemingly random people popping in!

This was my response:

"Okay, I got the Rune of Harvest for you... this is a rune of hard workbeing rewarded. Seriously, that's what I randomly picked out of thebowl!! But I know you work super hard and deserve buckets of money.

Thisrune represents the seasons of the year -- in spring, we plant theseeds. In the summer, we tend the garden. In the fall, we harvest. Inthe winter, we rest and get ready to do it again. So where do you thinkyou are in that cycle? We kind of go through it over and over in ourlives, just like the earth does it yearly... With this rune comes theidea of "one year" -- within the next year, you will get your reward.May be sooner, depending on where you are in the cycle. But yeah. Ifanybody deserves rewarding, it's YOU!"

Day two back at work after my little vaca. Two days now, it's felt as if I have done nothing but spin my wheels. If asked "So... what did you DO the last two days?" I'm not certain I could give a difinative answer. Made customers happy, certainly. Pissed off a couple because they don't know how to read coupons they're trying to use, I'm sure.

Received a message from Vibra today saying that they're moving Mom to a facility here in Vancouver, so it will be SO much easier to go see her. Note to self to call new place for an update and additional information.

I'm excited that my brother got a smokin' deal on a PSP + many delicious games (including FF whatever)... we've been needing one of those round these parts for some time now.

Yes, NEED. I also NEED to find the charger for my DS.

I get to go to work tomorrow at 6 am for a manager's meeting. Only one hour earlier than I was scheduled, and YAY FREE PANCAKES! (Oh, how I heart IHOP meetings!)

disco star

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God, her voice breaks my heart.

She's one of the few people who's live performance I've seen that blows away any recording I'd heard because of the sheer emotion that she brings to the stage.

I'm listening to her solo album at the moment, via Rhapsody. Most of it is very hootinanny, but ADORABLE.

See also: Nickel Creek, Sean Watkins, Chris Thile.

Oh, and here's a heart breaking rendition of Weezer's "Pink Triangle" by her brother Sean: