May 2nd, 2009

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Only had five hours to work today before hitting overtime; I had hoped to leave around 11 am, since I had to work at 6 am. Unfortunately, my 6 am cohort didn't show until almost 7.

It's grossly humid outside. You wouldn't think so just to step outside, but move around more than just a teensy bit, and you're suddenly swimming in sweat.

About two hours sleep. The hours I was at work, I felt as if I was spinning my wheels, unable to focus on any one thing.

I really need to go see Mom.

I also really need to clean my desk. Wowza.


Holy freaking crap, it's TRUE that my ex drummer is in the finals for becoming the new drummer of The Smashing Pumpkins.

This is us playing our firstest show on stage EVER, Rock N Roll Pizza, 8/16/06. We're pissing ourselves nervous. (Well, at least I was.)

Looking At You

Massive congrats, Mr. Mike!!

Here's yet another article, complete with a picture that IIIII took during one of our practices!!

Freaking CRAZY.

Brings to mind a dream I had ages ago that Billy Corgan joined our band ;)

Went on a massive icon uploading frenzy (thank you, iconomicon!) and still have room for OH so many more. Feel free to become inspired by my many interests and make them for me! *cough*

In other news, I suppose that I really should eat something. I had a couple of pop tarts (high fiber ones, thankyouverymuch) at 530 am and a breakfast sammich slowly eaten between the hours of 7 am and noon. Oh, and a fistful or two of dark chocolate m&m's, the current bane of my existence.