June 10th, 2009

disco star

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Seems like a slightly more official announcement has been made at smashingpumpkins.com regarding my ex drummer:


Awww, our little Mikey is all growed up! Beyond excited to hear that he's headed for great things, as he is beyond a PHENOMENAL drummer. The videos and such that they keep posting is NOTHING in comparison to the real deal. Don't listen to the nay sayers!!!

In an article by nme.com, they also lump in scrumbles in with Moses Smell the Roses. I hear tell that he's doing some spectacular recording stuff for them like only Ben can!

There's also news up at Mtv.com, hipstersunited.com, the local paper The Mercury (complete with the picture above, which I took at band practice), rollingstone.com, etc.

Quite exciting, I must say.