June 13th, 2009

Dry Hump

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I've had a lifetime of sinus issues. It's been increasingly difficult lately, and I'm constantly sniffing and blowing my nose, for about a month straight. I can tell from the various symptoms that it's allergy related, not an illness - a lifetime of severe allergies and sinus infections and sinusitis and and and... Unfortunately, my sinus illness symptoms have morphed as I've aged. It now greatly involves my ears, which SUCKS. I keep hearing from many people (i.e. the ever lovely a_muse_d) that a neti pot might work for me.

So, I used my neti pot for the first time today...

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In other news, because we have free HBO and MAX for the weekend, we also get HBO/MAX OnDemand.

I have sort of discovered "True Blood". :x