July 3rd, 2009

disco star

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I really need to get motivated -soon- to get dressed and walk to the bank in the uber heat and sun in order to get a money order for rent.

Ugh, the effort.

They'll be closed tomorrow, though.

Super sleepy. Although my home boasts only a coupla fans (one in my bedroom and one in the dining room - neither places that contain ME), I'm eating hot food and drinking hot tea... why? Probably the same reason why I'm actually sitting through Candyman.

No clue.

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I'm not quite certain when the Fourth of July celebrations lost its luster for me. I guess I see very little purpose in going out into the searing sun, hanging out with zillions of people, spending money on ridiculous fireworks, watching lights in the sky... I believe last year, I stayed put the entire day, and the year before found me working overnights with Ted.

The fucktards outside are blocking the road with their fireworks. My bedroom window also overlooks a park, which is where everyone trods to set them off. I thusly get very little sleep this time of year until after Midnight, as it sounds like a war outside - sans the screaming, I suppose.

With all that said, I'm heading out tomorrow with jomos_aunt to let off sparklers and have great merriment at two separate gatherings of family and friends of hers. I'm quite certain that as long as I'm with her, I'll have fun regardless, but I desperately need to remember to bring sunscreen and find a hat!!

Have I mentioned how much I hate sunshine?

I'm oh so excited about a shower and bed.

Mmmm, clean and sleeep.