July 10th, 2009


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My flipping nose will NOT stop running, even after neti potting it. The sinus pressure is DELICIOUS.

(Side note, it occasionally amazes me how I still find it SO EASY to hold the shift key down the entire TIME I'm TYPING IN CAPS, which is a NIFTY little trick I learned while playing EVERQUEST, where your capslock key does not work. I haven't EQ'ed in YEARS.)

I was also sitting here, perusing my friends list while drinking coffee. I set my coffee down on my desk to reply to a post of petals_of_blue... and ended up with a lapful of hot coffee when the cup tipped over the edge and landed upside down between my legs. It might have been comedic, if I hadn't felt hot coffee seeping into ungodly places. I also had to find something else to wear for my walk to work, as my jeans are the only current feasible option and there wasn't enough time to do laundry before leaving for work. (I HAAATE clothes shopping, you see, and will put it off until I literally have only one thing left to wear... and sometimes will wait even beyond then. HATES it, I do.) After digging into my closet, I managed to find a pair of tweed like pants that aren't too tight.

I think I'll actually go shopping soon. Meh. Though clothes shopping for me generally involves going into Value Village, hitting the men's section, grabbing armloads of giant old man pants, and leaving.

I also need to return to the gym. Because I'm a female that will put on literally five POUNDS of water each and every month, I'm certain that these pants would be a tad more loose if this had happened a week ago or a week from now. Either way, I'm feeling quite... fluffy. I took a vaca from the gym over the 4th, due to laziness and the fact that my knee was VERY much bothering me. My excuse for today? I get off work at 7 and have to be back to work at 6 am. I'd rather come home and sleep, thankyouverymuch.

As for a Mom update, she's still back in the ICU. This sounds much more alarming than it really is - every single person at the hospital is beyond amazing and wonderful and nice and fantastic and and and... It also always seems that whenever she goes back into the ICU, she gets much better. I very much wish that there were more options of places for her to stay when she's not there - I think there's only one in Vancouver that she can go to with her trach. I almost feel that she suffers neglect there at times.

Anyhoo, she has pneumonia -again- and very low blood pressure. They had finally urged her BP into a normal range and given her two units of blood to bring her blood count back up when we visited her yesterday. While they were there, they did a procedure and removed OVER A LITER of liquid from around her lungs. We even got to see the bag filled with caramel colored fluid. There was no sign of infection, so a chest tube is not necessary. My brother and I had a race to see who could dress up in the yellow disposable suit things and gloves fastest - I won. (This is also, what... the fourth or fifth time that Mom's had pneumonia since this all started back in March?)

I was also informed that I must take a vacation next month, so I'll be off for a week starting August 21.
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I made it four hours into my shift before feeling as if I would pass out or vomit, or pass out and then vomit. Walked up to Kirk and said, "I never say these words, so you should realize how severe it is for me to say this - I think I need to go home sick." I've called in only one other day since the beginning of the year, and I think a total of two days in the last 365. I have a six a.m. shift tomorrow, so I'm hoping that I'll feel human enough for that, as I won't have anyone in that could cover for me until noon.

I may just take a sleeping pill and try to sleep solidly through when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning.

I also love Love LOVE it when a man holds open a door to let a hot chick through and then lets it close in my face. Aaaah, the day in the life of an aging chubby chick. Maybe I should change the title of my journal to that.

Maybe I should post more, too.