July 12th, 2009

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I just went through my extensive friends list, touched each and every journal, and did one heckova friends cut. The list has gone down from 400 to 276. Still many people, yes, but a lot of you have multiple journals. I mainly cut dead journals, people who do not post in English, and people that ... well, basically, neither of us has had a single thing to say to each other for years now.

If you were cut and would like to remain, let me know.

Otherwise, here's an updated commenter thingie, with the new friendslist line up:

Top Commenters on aubkabob's LiveJournal
(Of users in friends list)
1talkingpotato1636 1636
2bigstusexy1081 1081
3petals_of_blue910 910
4madmadhatter658 658
5ornotmajestic511 511
6faetal419 419
7imnotbob413 413
8belenen398 398
9baryon328 328
10jenniffer319 319
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Total Commenters: 871 (771 not shown)
Total Comments: 43890

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