December 10th, 2009

Things Kittens Cannot Do

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It's 13 degrees outside, woo! Day... three or four or whatever of ARTIC SNAP 09. Zero moisture in the air, which means no snow. I've been on vaca since Saturday, so I haven't really had to go out in it. I love it, for the most part, especially since there's no icky snow to walk to work in.

My poor computer is getting old and grumpy, but like most long-owned clunkers, I know little things here and there that I can do to make it work, i.e. if it won't start all the way, I can remove the usb receiver for my wireless mouse and try again - ta da! If the tower is clicking alarmingly, I can turn it off, pull the plug out of the back, plug it in reeeeal good, and start it again - problem solved! (Yes, yes, I hear that the clicking just may be my power supply that is dying, but I'm in great denial about this.) I had originally thought of using my tax return to get one (now with Windows 7!), but I think I shall use it for other things. I have two thingies in the burner, you see. I don't want to talk about them so as to not jinx myself, but both, sadly, need money to do.

Thank you, snonsumr, for my first Christmas card! I think I still have boxes upon boxes of cards stuffed in crannies here and there, but am too lazy to get around to decluttering my life to find the durn things. (... oh yes, I need some serious decluttering.... oh, yes.)

Because you care oh so much about the status of my super dry skin, I finally got things back to normal by getting a moisturizer (instead of a "lotion") and ... it's quite amazing how much better it works when you put it on IMMEDIATELY after your shower (like within 2 or 3 min) instead of like twenty minutes after your shower. That is my secret for joo.

It occurred to me the other day that we're at the end of another year, which is great cause to go back over the events of the last year and to see how far we've come. Let's see.... this time last year, I was Ops Sup at the Van Plaz OMX, a pedestrian, hanging out with mainly my roommates and Lori, living in a townhome.... holy crap. NOTHING has changed in the last year. Well, yes, Lori and I are closer friends now. And yes, there was one MASSIVE MAJOR EVENT this year, which was the whole mother illness... other than that? Nothing is different.

That, to me, is sort of terrifying. I racked my brain to try to find something -anything- to be able to add to my list. Wisdom teeth removal? Nope, that was last year. Change of upper staff at work? Nope, management is exactly the same. I think I put on like 10 lbs, sadly (which VERY much needs to change...), but other than that.... I got a haircut in January? Getting my paladin to 65 isn't REALLY an accomplishment.

Everyone in the house is sick. .... okay, Jessie and I are sick. We both have massively snotty head colds, though Jess seems to have gotten the brunt of it. Alka-Seltzer Cold, I am in love with your magical abilities once again.

Hows things with yous? I miss you all!
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It never ceases to amuse me that if a cat wants to sleep somewhere, they will make it work, no matter how tiny or uncomfortable or illogical the spot may be.