January 5th, 2010


(no subject)

{Phone rings...}

Me: Hello?
Perky Girl: Hi!, is this Aubrey?
Me: ... um, yes?
Perky Girl: Hi! I was just calling about the room you put up on craigslist?
Me: ... craigslist?
Perky Girl: Yeah, we exchanged a few emails about a room you had available?
Me: ... I haven't exchanged any emails, I never put anything on craigslist.
Perky Girl: You didn't?
Me: ...noooooo..... I'm sorry for the confusion!
Perky Girl: Okay, um... bye!



I text my brother: "Um, any reason I just got a call from a girl from craigslist that I supposedly exchanged emails with regarding being my roommate?"

He calls back immediately, as I'm already trying to poke through craigslist (a site I've been to like three times ever, so I have ZERO idea how to navigate) to see if I can see a post that someone put up with my name and my number. I'm sorta freaking out, thinking someone is being vindictive towards me or somesuch. He gives me the brilliant idea to call Perky Girl back to get some additional information.

I so very much hate the phone.

I call her, she answers.

Me: Hi, you just called about rooming?
Her: Yes!
Me: Hi, this is Aubrey, I'm just trying to get some additional information so that I can get to the bottom of this. You said we exchanged emails?
Her: Yes, several emails, and then you said to just go ahead and call the number in the ad, 521....
Me: OOOOH.... I'll bet I know what happened. We just bought our Mom a cell phone, I'm wondering if whoever sent you to call the number either transposed numbers or thought that the number still belonged to the previous owner.
Her: .... but YOU said...
Me: That's the only thing that I assume could have happened.
Her: *huffy*... so you are saying you DON'T have anything for rent?
Me: No. Neither does my mom.

..... so. I call Mom and say, "So... you told someone to call me?" Apparently, her phone rang, she answered it, and the girl said "Is Aubrey there?" Mom told her "no, but you can contact her at...."

The only thing I can think of, after filtering out any paranoid thoughts of some vindictive, angry person sitting at a computer in a dark room, cackling "HEE HEE HEE, THIS WILL SHOW HER!", is that there is some girl here in Vancouver named Aubrey who needs roommates who just so happened to either transpose or mistype a telephone number to magically get a woman who randomly also has a daughter named Aubrey....

No matter what happened.... no, sir, I don't like it.