June 6th, 2010

disco star

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Okay, calling all Doctor Who fanatics and followers, yo.

I've seen seasons one through the first two episodes of season five (or, mayhaps I should say Doctors Nine through Eleven).

I'm driving everyone around me absolutely BONKERS with my newfound silly obsession.

So.... let's chat. What do you like, what do you hate, what are your opinions of ... things? Past and present? Etc.?

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Safe to Assume

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Before I forget, why I made this post:

Morale was high at work that day. Everyone was in a good mood. Nay, GREAT mood. Things were also getting accomplished at a great speed. Most customers were nice - those that weren't? Angry statements rolled right off and we got back to having our good day.

This is me putting of bedtime so that Monday at least FEELS like it's starting a tad later.

Chem Partner Jen just called to check up on some answers of our homework, to which I replied, "HOLYCRAPWEHADHOMEWORK!!!!!" Here I was, just thinking about the yoga paper I have to write to turn in on Wednesday.

Hung out yesterday with operatic down at the Saturday Market. Funny that I've been here over seven years and have never been! Though, I did live in centralish Arizona for eight and never saw the Grand Canyon.

Relieved to know that I can be a pirate instead of a ninja for a wedding, should I choose to be ^.^

LiveJournal, I miss you.

Okay, FINE, I'll go to bed then, sheesh.
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