July 29th, 2012


You're gone, sleeping in the dust...

Dreamed that I was sitting in a booth in a cafe alongside Adele with this guy sitting across from me. His side had a pull out piano underneath the table, and Adele had just finished singing something. He said it was my turn, and whenever I would start singing, Adele would try to sing over me. I finally turned to her and said that I know that because of receiving such positive reinforcement from others for her ability, it's tempting to continue to sing, but it's good to let other people have a turn.

I then sang this:

Collapse )

At the end of the song, I was listening to the messages on my phone, and heard an old message of my mother's where she laughed and jokingly berated me for being so late.

The shock of hearing my mother's voice so perfectly woke me up.
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