Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

why people should talk to me in ims..

mr_d_heart_the_second: heh, 'Sympathy for The Devil' just came on my mp3 player
mr_d_heart_the_second: *cranks it up*
aubkabob: oh?
aubkabob: Iggy and Angus just came on me
aubkabob: mine
mr_d_heart_the_second: !!
mr_d_heart_the_second: *image of Iggy Pop and Angus Young..*
aubkabob: TYPO
aubkabob: TYPO
mr_d_heart_the_second: *doing something rude*
mr_d_heart_the_second: *rotlf*
aubkabob: omg
aubkabob: i almost peed
aubkabob: omg
aubkabob: that was SUCH a typo
aubkabob: came on MY MP3 PLAYER
aubkabob: not on meeee
aubkabob: lmfao
aubkabob: *wipes tear from eye*
aubkabob: iggy and angus is a song by sloan lmao
mr_d_heart_the_second: *is singing the 'woo woo' bit*
aubkabob: oooh, that made me laugh
aubkabob: and i typed it as my brother was walking past me
aubkabob: and i was laughing so hard, i couldn't talk

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