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God nothing grows in these fields
Seems the lands gone rotten
Lady Blue, tell me what to do
When you feel forgotten

Lonely, lonely, lonely
Come and lay your head on me
Lonely, lonely, lonely
Maybe you're lonely
Just like me

You'd wait what seems forever
Your pride gone long ago
Your smile, it's just a prop to hide the years
But the years begin to show

You take what you've been given
Works out even just the same
The past is still in front of you
Tell me who's to blame

When you're lonely, lonely, lonely
Come and lay your head on me
Lonely, lonely, lonely
Maybe you're lonely
Just like me..

so. in my dream last night, i had sex with Jack Black. truly frightening, it was. *thinks* well, actually, it wasn't horrible at all, until he tried to kiss me. ick. all cold clammy wetness. after the deed was over, sun came in the window, and i started singing the song above, stood up and started dancing and singing it with my every being, very much like they do in musicals.


so, i started getitng bit up again, flea bites all up my left arm when i woke up this morning. the few days of respite was WONDERFUL, i slept more and harder than i have in forEVER. mom bought me some garlic pills, and i took my first one a bit ago.

*makes face*

okay, these things make me burp. not big honkin back woods belches, mind you, but just little "urps". and these urps are filled with warm, hot garlicness. they taste (and smell) like i gargled with crushed garlic.


so, uh, yeah. i will keep my distance from everyone for a bit, until they wear off.

will be applying at a zillion places online (again), and tomorrow will find me calling back all the zillions of applications i dropped off on friday afternoon to pester the hell out of them. for joy. i just want a job.

and don't forget about my new community you_so_want_me, and my other two, nickel_creek and nitetime_expres

i need to pee.

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