Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
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- Nickel Creek, as i'm discovering, is truly an amazing experience, when listened to through headphones. I mean, you just find so many new qualities to songs that you've heard a zillion times. it's taken my appreciation for their music to a whole new height. I'm just hoping that somehow, someway, I'll be able to go to their show at the end of this month ;_;

- i had planned on getting up at 11, but i was sooooo solidly asleep, i didn't stir until almost 3. again. i guess that all the sleep i've been getting lately is making up for all that i lost over the last month's insomnia. although it took me over an hour to get to sleep last night, it didn't bother me, because i knew that once i was out, i was OUT.

- the kittens have opened their eyes! maybe i'll show them on my brother's webcam later. i picked up one that is solid steel grey, and he looks like an angry, dirty polar bear. very grumpy! :D i wish jess had a better camera to take digi pics with!

- no sex dreams last night, although i DID kiss Michael Weatherly. a big improvement over Mr. Black. and what an emotional kiss it was *swoon* I think i dreamed of him, cuz i saw him on Ally McBeal yesterday.

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