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Seeing something on the news, it jolted a memory of my dream...

In my dreams, 99.9% of the time, whenever i have a dream involving water, it's either that i'm terrified of getting wet, i don't want to deal with getting wet (even if it's just my feet), or i turn the water into snow or ice to keep it from hurting me.

water in dreams signifies emotion. what form the water takes is different aspects of that emotion. i.e. turbulent ocean usually means massively upset. drowning can mean being overwhelmed by your emotions, etc. snow/ice is the absence of emotion, meaning that in dreams, i have a tendency to switch off or avoid my emotions by not getting wet or changing it to snow, so that it floats harmlessly around me.

that being said... in my dream last night, i realized i was out in the middle of the ocean, an ocean that wasn't calm. i had an immediate sense of panic, before i realized that i was completely surrounded by whales. i had thought they were dolphins at first, because they were smaller than i see normal whales as being, but because of the way their tails were, and because they were pitch black, i knew they where whales. the whales were taking me away from where i knew the shoreline to be, but for some reason, i knew that as long as i was with them, that nothing would ever happen to me. i wouldn't drown, and although i don't feel like it's the safest route for me, it's going to work out in the long run. so i gave myself over to the whales, and allowed them to carry me away from shore, to where i needed to be. i remember the love eminating from the whales, and how completely safe i felt, safer than i have ever felt in my life.

what i saw on the news is what brought back the dream.. a black whale had washed up on shore, and they had zillions of people out there, trying to carry it to safety, leading it away from the shore. it was a lot smaller than whales normally are, or what i take them to be, although not as small as in my dream (my whales had been only about twice the size of a dolphin).

it died.

i feel like i need to cry.

the end of the news report had them carting the poor whale's carcass off on the back of a truck, to be taken to some place inland.

don't you think that a whale would want to be buried out to sea, and not in a freaking FOREST?!?

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