Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
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i'm very happy that The Dandy Warhols decided to play on conan the night after they were scheduled, after the lil outage thing... what fun.

itsa party on the inside, lemme tell ya. i'm sleepy. spent the last half of a day playing EQ (naturally), and... was sleepy, dizzy, nauseated, and had.. sickness.. in places you wouldn't want to discuss immediately with your new boyfriend's parents (unless they were your boyfriend's new parents, in which case, anything goes...)

i need to go buy my sexay uniform for Office Max, so that i can look like the sexay pear-shaped mama i am. *blink* why couldn't we wear DARK pants and a light shirt? why oh why does it have to be reversed? *sigh*

and i need tennis shoes for Michaels. first time i think i've ever had a job which REQUIRED me to wear tennis shoes...

have i ever told you or expressed my feeling that i need to marry a man like conan o'brien? it's a fact, jack.

but i'm off to bed. love you guys, have a happy - AND SAFE, DAMNIT! - weekend.

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