Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

obladi, oblada

how in the WORLD, when harping and whining about what cd's that had been stolen out of my Jeep a year and a half ago that i hadn't gotten around to replacing yet, did i happen to miss the splendour that was Ready Sex Go by Marvelous 3?!?

i should be shot.

out of the 55 cds that were stolen out of my jeep, i've replaced all but:

The Front
Marvelous 3 - Ready Sex Go
Kik Tracee - Field Trip
Lillian Axe - Psychoschitzophrenia
Jason Falkner - Presents Author Unknown
Fountains of Wayne
Better than Ezra - How Does Your Garden Grow
Wham! - Make it Big (yes, i said Wham!)
Jason Falkner - Necessity: The 4-Track Years
Sloan - Between the Bridges
Sloan - Navy Blues
Sloan - Pretty Together

so i tossed them on my Amazon wishlist (along with some other things i really really want for Christmas tee hee hee...). after i'm gainfully employed, i'll start actively hitting up the used cd stores again (seeing as i'm working retail and all..)

i'm tired and a bit bored. i need to bathe, and then try going to bed at like 10, since i have to leave for work at about 6:45 a.m. (joys for riding the bus include leaving over an hour before your official start time..)

how was everyone's weekend?

and Laeka's 36, for anyone who cares :)

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