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did you know...

a little thing that you may not know about me:

i never sneeze only once. ever. in the entire time i've been alive, i can count the times i've sneezed only once on one hand. cuz it's only like two. i usually sneeze in multiples of five or three. quick little "kachink!"'s that result in odd looks and people saying "um. was that a .. sneeze? or a cough? what WAS that?!? do i bless you or ask if you're okay?" i know i am done becuase i am covered by goosebumps every time.

true story.

almost 6 a.m., i've been up for awhile, and didn't fall asleep until after 3. yes, folks, it's going to be one of THOSE days....

*goes and gets coffee and breakfast*

I'm back! didja miss me!? *slruppp*

*puts on media player*

ooh, this song seems fitting, as i have a walk to the bus ahead of me, when i worked at wal*mart and the coffee beanery, and would walk a long ways to the bus every morning, this would be the first song in my headphones. it filled me with energy for my walk :)

leaving in 45 min. i thought i had something else to say, but i guess i really don't. weird dreams during my short time, about fellow lj'ers which will be revealed to them in due time, but not here.

love yas. i'll let you know how office max went when i get home...

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