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to give you an idea of how TIRED i am..

... i could swear up and down that i made a post after i got home from work. i totally thought i did, but nope. never happened.


on two hours/less than two hours sleep, i bus to work and start walking around/learning the store and doing paperwork at 7:30. i had been told to wear my outfit, and that i needed to come in to do some paperwork, so i figured maybe 3 hours tops before i could come home and crash and take a nice nap.

after about 2 hours goes by, she says "oh, and i figured i'd have you work til 4 today."

so, on NO sleep, with practically NO training, here's aubrey up on the register, by herself, almost the entire day. and naturally, since i thought i would be leaving at like 10, i brought no lunch.

my trainer, betty, felt sorry for me and gave me a banana ^_^

they showed me my penciled in schedule: wednesday 11 - 4, saturday, 11 - 4. remember i'm working at michaels on wednesday, 3 - 8. so i sweet talked them into letting me work 11 - 2, enough time to sneak into the bathroom at Barnes and Noble and change...

i felt dehydrated like hell (still do), came home, downed half the columbian river, it felt like, and mommy made me din din, then i crashed for like 4 hours. now i'm awake, feeling out of sorts and icky. meh.

i feel like such a weenie, not having worked a stand up job like this in.. 5 years?!? wah.

i get home, and jess says to me "aww, lookit you! you're so cute!!" i'm convinced he's lying. you know the girl in Willy Wonka? the one that turned into a big blueberry?!? well, with my khaki pants and navy blue shirt, i feel like i look like i SWALLOWED her.

i'm not making any sense. i'll prolly go to bed soonly. luv luv luv.

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