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Lazy days and Lazy Eyes...

such a non accomplishing day. and i love it. i'm still freaking EXHAUSTED and tired but am so not gonna take a nap, so that i can go to bed at a reasonable time, so that i can go to both jobs tomorrow happy, rested, etc.

took the 6 kittens all out of the hole to experience the world for the first time! they're at the stage where they're all head and torso, with practically no legs to support their wobbly cute selves on. and when they STARE at you? *melts* brosely got to see them all for the first time in about a week or two (since we all got them out from under the chair where they were born).. i brought out the 3 black tabbies and the 2 solid grey ones, which made him coo and aww and oooh! and such. then i brought out the different one, the one that looks like it has an ink blot test on its back. it's now covered with WHITE FLUFFY fur, and then the dark grey ink blots. his response to that one? *in baby vocie* "ooh! lookit you! you're the milkman's baby!"

we laffed. and laffed.


guess you had to be there.

i can't wait to get my first paychecks. i'm very excited about this.

i just still need to know how to coordinate the two jobs w/o pissing the other off and severely limiting my hours.

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