Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

also, i'm behind, as always..

being on dial up and on a tiny slow computer sucks.

i AM reading you, though, i promise!

just a few quick notes here...

karinberry - i'm the same way, almost never cry, although this year has been uber emotional for me. i think i've cried more this year than i have the last 5 combined.
mercsailor - it IS going to be a long week. Count on it. *sigh*
the_dibbler - i am SO hungry now, thankyouverymuch!
sarcastica - big hugs!
silverwraith - glasses are HIGHLY overrated ;)
_nightsky - so, i assume, if i do any of the quizzes you do, since we have the same name, it will be the same answer?!? ^_- thank you for doing them FOR me! *hee*
way2tired - that is SO something i would do! egads, it is! provided i had a wife... and a car...
sleepymischief - egads. i've been to SO many showers. hated most of them because i never knew/had anything to wear. such weird things they are!
kimie - hold him in your heart. no matter how far apart you grow, it still hurts. *hugs*
herbaliser - good luck! i'll say a Spice Prayer for ya!
xyr0 - Pen Pen. Definitely Pen Pen.
kabandra - wow. such spectacular pictures, with such amazing history. thank you so much for letting me see those!
bit_o_jane - welcome home!
sexyscholar - need me to get Tony and his Mooks out on his ass? ;)
sciurism - meow, indeed.

and that is all of the cryptic messaging for now. maybe i'll get to more later.

luv yoos.

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