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oh, and i got to see the mah-velous STEVE BURNS on a morning show of some kind. they were doing a "where are they now?" segment. *stares* um, steve hasn't gone anywhere. he has fierce borderline fanatic fiend fans such as myself and nothinganything, thankyouverymuch.

so he talked about how romantic science is, and how there's just something so romantic about "us being down here and shooting off into space, to greet whatever's out there!"

*pats steve on back*

it's also interesting to see that he played portland not even a week ago. well, bullocks.

not that it would matter. cuz i was working. like i'm always working.

cept today. i've been feverish for a few days now, coughing and sniffling, so.. much.. sinus pressure... i slept HORRIDLY amongst sweated on sheets and nightmares and tossing and turning and the tangling of the blankets. thee last thing i wanted to do after that was to get up way before my brain was ready to, stuff my sad, angry feet back into their evil shoes, and clomp to work to stand on my feet for 9 hours and deal with cranky evil people at the speed of light, like i did yesterday. i'm sure office max is pissed. i really don't care. they know i've been sick over the past few days, but coming to work anyway. so they can stuff it.

faetal wants me to go to the arnada tonight. maybe i will. maybe i won't. we'll see.

i had something else i wantd to share with you, but now i can't for the life of me remember now.

i really need to update aubreystar...

just last night, i was reminded of
just how bad it had gotten and
just how sick i had become...

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