Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, i learn something new every single time i work at Michaels. first, it was the fact that i know entirely WAY more about drying flowers than i ever thought i did. i've also learned a lot about different types of charcoal, glue, and scrapbooking techniques.

last night, i also discovered i have a touch of agoraphobia.

i've always prided myself about not being afraid of heights. and i'm not. as long as they're SECURE heights.

and this is something that i have always had a knowledge of. i remember in high school, going on a field trip to some factory, and being one of only a handful of people that walked to the edge of this gimongous tower and leaned over the railing on the side, looking down over 20 stories to the ground.

as far as when i discovered the touch of..

close your mind and imagine, if you will, aubrey hiking up a beautiful mountain back in '94 in lovely north eastern washington state. she smiles as she clomps up the mountain side, no problem. it then gets to a place where she's going to actually have to CLIMB. she chuckles, says "naw, naw, my arms have the strength of soggy spaghetti, i'll go back down and read a book."

so i turn around.

i gasp.

and promptly sit down and scoot my way back down the side of the mountain like a 5 year old weenie.

i haven't been confronted with this mini fear in quite some time. i had totally forgotten about it, actually.

until last night, when i got to michaels.

on my list of things to do, i saw the words "take down summer arch". okaaay...

so i walk all over the store, looking for a summery arch that i would have to take down. i cannot find the thing anywhere. so i peruse back down the middle of the store. it was then that i noticed a 20 foot ladder standing in the middle of nowhere. so i casually follow the ladder to its summit.

and i see an arch.

a summery arch.

i stop in my tracks. i see my coworker, Todd, and i say "*cough* so, leeeemmmee guess. this *points directly up* is the summer arch?" he chuckles heinously and says "yup."

so i go to the ladder, clutch both sides of it, and look up the rungs. dayum, that things high. i take a tentative step onto the ladder.

it shakes like mad.

hrm. now THIS is interesting. i drag it to one of the lower sides of the arch, so that maybe i could baby step my way up the ladder.

just for the record, that ladder is VERY freaking narrow at the top.

and i'm not a petite girl, in case any of you had forgotten.

to make a long story short, there was lots of wobbling, tons of sweating, and gobs of reaching. i would rather stand on tip toe about 5 or 6 rungs from the top than to try to climb higher.

and let's not even DISCUSS the jerk customers that wanted ME, the only girl on the floor (well, i wasn't ON the floor. heh.) to answer their every need, insted of a guy that was on a foot stool 10 feet away from me. or a guy that was stocking in art supplies. or the guy behind the framing counter.

AND. whlie we're on the subject of jerk customers.. my biggest freaking pet peeve on the face of the planet when it comes to giving customer service, i've discovered...

folks. when you ask a store associate a question, and they don't know immediately, but are willing to go find out for you, for the love of God and everything holy, do not run off! you commy bastids! the associate, who was in the aisle you had accosted them in, stocking merchandise or whatever, is in that specific aisle for a reason, and does NOT have time, nor patience, to chase your ass down into the opposite freaking corner of the store!!! especially if her tootsies hurt!


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