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Sep. 6th, 2003

interesting, very intricate dreams where brosely and i went back to monticello, iowa, where we both spent the first of our lives. i was so angry in my dream that i hadn't been able to remember everything. i remember standing on a street corner and closing my eyes and making my brain hurt from the exertion of trying to remember what the main street intersection by the dime store used to look like. was there a post office? what WAS that building on the corner?

and there was snow all around. but it wasn't cold. i could smell it and feel it, but i wasn't even remotely cold.

later, jess and i were standing in line to cash my check or something, and there was a horrendous car accident in the intersection. the police arrived and tried to keep everyone calm and get everything organized. frobear showed up, and we caught up on old times. (he was the head police guy's son)..

plans for today? dunno. bathing, for sure. methinks i'll bathe and see if someone wants to go eat chinese with me. i want chinese. i haven't had chinese in MONTHS. i doubt jess will be up yet, so i'll prolly hop on the bus and go by myself. i also need shoes and pants. maybe i'll go to value village. we'll see.

but right now, i have to go potty.

I watched you build a castle on the beach one rainy day
I saw it fall apart and roll out with the tide
I think there's something metaphoric that I'm trying to say
Open up your soap box and just crawl inside


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