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i woke up this morning, sat up, stretched, and looked over. i saw an envelope of pictures i had developed right before i moved up here. so i opened it up, and perused through the envelope.

inside, i found:

- my Halloween cruise
- my Sandy Eggo boys
- the department Christmas party at the ICE Gallery
- The Vacant Stairs
- my trip to Dallas
- a night at Big D's with Cheap Bastard
- various nights out with my friends

it was a very eclectic mix of photos. i hadn't been as fervent with taking pictures my last year in phoenix, apparantly.

it also made me realize something:

that was my LIFE. my life that i had single handedly created: my friends, my band, my career, my vacation. it was my entire WORLD, and i had done it, had created it all by myself.

and i have none of it now.

i mean, i have a few sporadic friends, but working 2 jobs keeps me too busy to hang out with them much anymore. i have my family, which is one thing i hadn't had there. i have two jobs, but neither that i would consider to be even remotely a career.

but that was my life after 6 1/2, 7 years. i've been here 4 months.

instead of causing me to feel extremely nostalgic (although there were certainly twangs..) , it made me actually feel a bit optimistic about the future.

i've been here 4 months. i have 2 jobs, a circle of friends, my FAMILY.

when i had been in phoenix for 4 months, i had completely alienated the only friends i knew when i moved down there, i worked part time at wal mart only, and was roommates with my creepy ex manager from burger king that would call me from his work to tell me how peaceful i looked when i was sleeping and who would flip out any time i talked to a guy at all, and tell me that he was planning on getting a gun soon.

by that measure, i would say i'm actually ahead of the game here.

Time won't stand by forever if I know it's true
And I've learned not to say never
Or else I'll seem the fool
Twenty-nine you'd think I'd know better
Living like a kid
When my lies may seem less than clever
Is when I fall for it
Only time will tell if wishing wells
Can bring us anything
Or fade like scenes from childhood dreams
Forgotten memories
Some rides don't have much of a finish
That's the ride I took
Through good and bad and straight through indifference
Without a second look
There's no intentions worthy of mention
If we never try
So hang your hopes on rusted-out hinges
Take 'em for a ride
Only time will tell if wishing wells
Can bring us anything
Or fade like scenes from childhood dreams
Forgotten memories
Only time will tell...

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