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feelng meh.

i feel.. meh.. tonight.

my day off, while fun, didn't feel like a day off.

i feel sad at having to go to work tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. for a meeting at michaels, then working at office max 10 am until close.

i don't get another day off until next friday. after that? not a clue.

i'm so tired.

and there's no end in sight.

i'll try to find time/energy to look for a full time non-retail position. hopefully, the fact that i'm gainfully employed will assist in the matter of getting alternative employment, as the saying goes.

plusses: next friday, when i'm off, is the lj drinkup. i plan on going and meeting other ljers. groovy. i'll hate life the next morning when i have to work, though.

the following friday is dada. i hear i get to play there. i picked up my guitar for the first time in forever and played until my fingers were raw (which, since i have hardly played in the last month, wasn't very long..). that brought me happiness i had forgotten i had when i play and sing. (although i sang quietly, so as to not disturb the neighbors, and although the only audience member was my bro on his computer..) sadness? i cannot find my song books ANYWHERE. argh.

also, wanna see some kittens?!?

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