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talk about your feminine emergencies..

you do not.. i repeat... do NOT.. understand what "uncomfortable sensation" means, until you are dressed in light khaki pants, running a register with a ton of people in line...

and you realize your tampon isn't giving you the protection it should anymore.

on the flipside:

if you are checking out at a register in a busy store.. and your cashier suddenly freezes for a moment, gets saucer eyes, and begins speeding up her speech and movements...

.. chances are, there's a good reason behind it...

ooh ooh ooh! and while we're on THAT subject (the cashiering, not the bleeding from certain orfices, i'll spare you boys..), i've discovered i have two main pet peeves:

1) please do not leave your merchandise in the freaking cart. i do not possess magical Go Go Gadget arms. if i did, i would use them for good. not evil (such as saving babies from burning trees, instead of running register for an evil empire of office suppliers.)

2) when the person in front of you has left or at least pushed their purchases further down the counter to get out of your way, this is your cue to scoot your stuff down to be in front of me. see this little display here? made of METAL? yeah. my arms are not made of those rubber bands you put so thoughtfully just out of my reach. thusly, i cannot reach around it easily and grab your things, fwipping them in front of me with amazing rubber bandy retractable action grip. yeah, my grunting and climbing over you to reach your stack of overpriced fabric bookcovers and pile-o-pens? that's a HINT. so stop pretending you are in the middle of filling out your check book (cuz we KNOW you're doodling and will not even BEGIN to fill out that worthless check until half an eternity AFTER i give you the total.. and you've argued over whether or not the "buy two, get one free" kicked in..) and WORK with me here!

but i'm not bitter.

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