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my dream last night involved being VERY sexually frustrated. that was the main theme behind everything.

i also lived in an open house. or an open room, was more like it. everything was made of light wood, and it consisted of a balcony on one wall, and a big window on the next wall. there was a bed under the window, and the window had no glass, and had these long, white, light curtains, that would blow way out into the room with the breeze. i would stand in the balcony and look over everything. the balcony was on the 3rd floor, and overlooked all these square cliffs, that were all covered with green lush grass and trees. i would watch the rain from there, and watch the butterflies dancing in the raindrops. i saw something sparkling just behind a little bush on the edge of a river, and knew that if i ever got there, that it would be a prize beyond anything ever imagined. i made a mental note of it, but was content to stand on my balcony and watch, listen to, and smell the rain.

my window, though in the same room, was ground level. i would drape myself across the bed and rest my chin on the window sill and watch the miniature river caused by the abundance of rain slowly drift by. i saw beauty in the fallen leaves floating on top of the water, and watched with bemusement what happened below the surface. at one point, the water became muddy, and i frowned, because i couldn't see below the surface anymore. i stuck my head out the window and looked closer...

suddenly, i popped out the window and landed on a raft. i was now conan o'brien. i made some wise crack about THAT not being what i had planned on doing, and back paddled back to the window sill, trying not to get my suit wet. once i popped back in the window, i was myself again, donned in a loose fitting almost see-through white sleeveless dress, watching the rain patter outside my window and balcony.

my other dream, i was hanging out with Andrew Scott from Sloan. we were walking around downtown somewhere. i was in a yellow sundress and walking barefoot, carrying my sandals. there were a lot of vendors outside, much like as if it were a festival of some kind. he offered to buy me the new album, but i refused at first, feeling bad that he would want to spend his money on ME (as i do irl).. finally, he talked me into it. so i got the new Sloan album. in thanks, i gave him a big hug and a quick kiss on the lips. he was pleasantly surprised, as i giggled like a school girl and skipped ahead, swinging my sandals and holding down my sunhat.

both dreams, i was in loose fitting, comfortable sleeveless dresses, and in both, i was barefoot.


there's a man with one foot in the grave
and one foot on a banana peel..

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