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something else to add about last night:

onionsniper came up to me and said "so i heard you're nice. like REALLY nice. a sweet girl."

i was also yelled at by oatmeal for not coming out more often.

i remember seeing tribute after tribute to both john ritter and johnny cash looped repeatedly on cnn (i think it was) on the tvs in the background.

i remember a moment of silence and a toast to Johnny Cash.

i remember people telling me i looked 23. okay, maybe not people, but frobear. that made me feel good to know i don't LOOK as ancient as i am.

i remember someone being shocked that i wasn't into heavier music. they said i had 'industrial clubbing chick' written all over me. *scritches head*

i remember being paranoid that the bartender would not sell me any more drinks, so i let brosely have liquor patrol all evening. i'm still too frightened to look in my change purse to see how much money is left.

i remember thee most frightening ride home in a vehicle EVER.

i also had MANY comments on my user icon *evil grin*

i promise to retire it soon. just give her one more day of bloody splendour.

I didn't see it coming, I was a very dumb kid
Nobody ever kissed me, quite like the way that you did
And now you know that I suck at this, and you suck at it too
And now we're nothing more than vampires in love

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