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i had seen in my brother's journal about john titor's site.. i figured i would click on it, to see what had fascinated him so..

hours later, i'm still not finished reading it all.

i finally called it a night last night, when i noticed that my head was sitting WAY forward on my shoulders, and that i was squinting the hell out of the screen (mild mst reference there. quick! which ep is it from! gimme more quotes!), and shaking the sleep out of my head literally about every 30 seconds. mom asked me what the hell i was so engrossed with.

i tried to explain astrophysics to my mother, when i could barely even see, i was so tired. it's very difficult. try it. i dare you.

so i shall finish reading the page today.

i desperately need to practice for dada. i work tonight from 4 - close at office max, then work 8 a.m. (michaels) to close (office max) tomorrow. i have no idea when my next day off, but know that it will be at least a week.


fun was had yesterday. jess and i walked a lot.. went to jantzen beach, hung out there... ate subway.. ambliss is sposed to come over today and pick out a kitten, leaving us with three. anyone else want one? or even just wanna say 'hey'? 360-993-CATS. i swear.

i felt like i slept for days last night. seriously. i had so many freaking dreams, i felt like i had slept forever. i don't remember all of them, but remember one where i was 5 years old, and i was meant to save the world, or the country, or whatever, but my parents wanted to protect me, so they locked me in the house. my older brother (age 8 or so), believed me eventually, and helped me to sneak out into the night. i remember another one where i was unpacking a box, and found an expansion pack for Ykesha. i was all excited, until my brother came up and said "oh, i've been LOOKING for that!" and zoinked it out of my hands, informing me that it had been registered to his account eons ago. another one where i was getting some sort of metaphysical course in the mail every week, in the form of two books. i was excited about it, but frustrated that i kept having to study meditation.. there was a spa.. i remember naked spooning with someone. nothing sexual, just enjoying the feeling of clean skin on skin. then freaking out when i found out he was only 19. all my friends in the dream recoiled in horror.

i had something else to add but can't remember it at the moment.

One of us won't last the night, between you and me it's no surprise
There's two of us, both can't be right
Neither will move till it's over

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