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finally home.

i'm pooped.

i have to be to work at 8 a.m. to begin a loverly 14 hour day, which means i have to leave for the bus around 7. argh.

i'm also coated in Nestea stickiness because Manager Tony punctured one with his car keys. wanna lick my arm? don't answer that.

i normally really don't mind being single. at all. being single has always been a part of aubreydom. just sometimes, when i get home after a long day at work, and having no time to do anything but sleep and do the whole thing over again, i really wish i had someone to snuggle up to, to fall asleep with my head on their lap or on their shoulder, their hands running softly through my hair. no words would need to be spoken, we could just take comfort in each others presence.

time for bed.

it's a sinking feeling, pulls me through the seat of chairs
when will you come rescue me? find solace, and then take me there?
you'll say "you're not too tired for this life, and it's not gonna matter if you fall down twice.."

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