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....comes in the form of furry little kittens.

i'm up. freezing and itchy, but up. *schlurps coffee* the t.v. went off at about *thinks* 130? between the demon kittens playing, scratching, meowing at each other, the momma cat meowing at them, trying to herd them together and take control, the itching from a flea that had bitten a trail up my entire left leg, and a mother that wanted to gab, i'm wondering how much sleep i really got.

dreams about stocking at office max, and looking through pictures of jessie and his friends doing cool random things, like camping in old stone ruins of a church or something, ivy climbing up the walls, faces looking haunted by the firelight.

i finally stood up and went to make coffee, not sure if i would have time to drink it all or not, and was instantly covered up my OTHER leg by flea bites. argh. and the anti itch cream doesn't take effect nearly fast enough to suit the likes of ME.

it's currently 54 degrees outside. for you phoenicians, lemme reiterate that: FIFTY FOUR DEGREES. and that's NOT celcius. or however the freak you spell it. cold and rainy all day, with a high of like 60. this is truly the dead of winter weather to me. and to think it's only mid september.

mom's watching the horrid episode of Full House where they get lost on an island, but it turns out that they're on the correct island, just on the wrong side of it. the natives scare them, then welcome them into their arms and toss them all on stage to sing in front of a large, adoring crowd. actually, were there ever any GOOD episodes of Full House?

and with THAT bit of pain over and done with...

i spose i should go get dressed.

one of the things i'm noticing about working so much, and the majority of it being in a uniform: i get lazy when it comes to wearing anything else. i'll be clad in my office max uniform for my entire shift at michaels. i notice on my days off, or days that i don't work at office max as well as michaels, i feel a slight panic. what will i WEAR?!? i can't DRESS myself!!! navy and khakis! navy and khakiiiiis!

enough of my mindless rambling. i'll leave you all to your squealy doom now.

luv luv luv.

and if i'm old enough to live and breathe
in the darker sides of adulthood
why do i hide inside my room and dream of her?

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