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so, i was going to do what i do every once in awhile, and post links so that all of you could see how i was doing a year or two years ago.

looking back last year at this time, i realize that i was at the height of my depression. or would that really be the depth? they're really creepy to look back and reread, knowing what i had been going through emotionally at the time, at how much i revieled, and how much i kept hidden, at the clues i set out for others to see, that were never noticed. even random song lyrics i was spurting out in my posts were a sign of what i was feeling..

i had made this post when i was at my absolute worst. i have forever grounded myself from Okay Computer because of that. i had felt myself truly teetering at the edge of madness that night. it was horrible.

reading through those entries, it creeps the hell out of me. seeing my massive mood swings, even in just one day, it's a very... interesting thing.

now that i'm not living it anymore, that is.

and then there's the posts in aubreystar from the year before.

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