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i remember being a teenager, and having a top ten list for everything: my favorite bands, my favorite musicians, my favorite rockers i wanted to marry when i grew up.

one thing i notice as an adult, is that all of that seems to fade out. maybe other things become more prominent? maybe i have other things to worry about, like supplying food and shelter, that wasn't there to distract me back in the days of yore?

so, this is what i came up with today:

Top five bands:

1) Sloan
2) Nickel Creek
3) Better Than Ezra
4) Jellyfish
5) (this is where it gets blurred. maybe toad the wet sprocket? but i don't think i'm quite fanatical enough for them to be there. but IS there anyone else?)
Honorable mention: Marvelous 3, Flickerstick

Top five rockers i would marry do:

1) Kevin Griffin
2) Johnny Rzeznik
3) Gavin Rossdale
4) uh... erm..
5) *shrug*

Top five LJ'ers:

1) like
2) i
3) would
4) tell
5) you
(don't want hurt feelings. you know who you top 3 are. beyond that? i have lots of faves. but i love every one of you on my friends list. otherwise, you wouldn't be there)

Top five actors i would kiss do:

1) Marc Blucas
2) Michael Weatherly
3) Goran Visjnic (sp?)
4) Michael Vartan
5) Conan O'Brien

Top five actresses/musicians i would do kiss:

1) Neve Campbell
2) Kate Beckinsale
3) Rose McGowan
4) Shakira
5) Lisa Loeb (tossed in cuz i couldn't think of another one and i have to get ready for work)

Top five old hair bands i still listen to:

1) The Front/Bakers Pink
2) Lillian Axe
3) Faster Pussycat
4) Lord Tracy
5) Tyketto
6) Childs Play

anyone remember the band Guilt? Kill forThrills? Mordred?

I am no solution to the sound of this pollution in me.
And I was not the answer so forget
you’d ever thought it was me….

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