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swollen, puss-ey throat.

no voice whatsoever.

makin' gravy in the basement *cough*.


yeah. unless i wake up tomorrow screaming rainbows and shitting sunshine and daisies, i'm not going to work.

which angers me, because that's money i'm missing out on.

although i DO get three days off in a row.

although i DO have to wake up at 6 a.m. in order to call in sick to michaels, seeing as i have to call in 2 hours early.

oops, mom just stepped on a cat. she's not doing too good with those lil critters.

i got a letter today from my dearest littledevi!!! in it was three patches: an american flag, a squarelike one with a kangaroo on it that said "sydney", and a circle one with two fish that said "pisces"!!! wooo! i'm excited!

now, just to get the bag to put them on ;)

i so need a nap. talk to you all tomorrow. or whisper in your general direction, anyway.

how could it all change for you
am i just some romatic fool
5 years to this day and you're still the one
take back the words you gave
you never meant them anyway
just save them..

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