Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

dream number one

last night, i dreamed i was dead.

i had been dead for a few days. in my dream, after you died, you roamed around. you didn't really FEEL dead, but you knew that you were dead. no one could see you, but you walked around freely in crowds, in buildings. i walked around, listening to conversations, hearing how people really felt about me. it was true limbo, because i had no feeling on the matter, was just an observer.

so, you walked around the living after you died.

until you were buried.

then you TRULY disappeared. the other dead could not tell me about what happens then, only that no one is EVER heard from again, so it was believed that it was true oblivion. no heaven. no hell. you just simply ceased to be.

i began to panic.

i drove my yellow vw bug back to my apartment (even in my dream, i was wondering why i was dead and driving.), and roamed around, looking at things that would be packed up soon. i hugged my cat (i could lift things, and my cats knew i was there), and sobbed. and sobbed. and sobbed. i didn't want to disappear completely. i apologized profusely to Shithead (a cat i had rl years ago), rocking him back and forth as i sobbed, sorry that i had left him behind.

i then wiped my tears and began to prepare for the funeral. the dead was required to attend their own funeral, which was the seance that would send them into the next plane of existence (which was nothingness.) regardless as to where you were at the time the funeral happened, you would be pulled to the funeral location. another dead told me about these little drops of color that, when let loose at the funeral, would provide a little display for those attending, to make them not feel so bad. it was a thing in the underworld, almost a litlte contest, if you will, as to who had the best funerals, who provided the best parties for the living.

everything in the dream was very grey and dreary (cept my dark brown panelling in my apartment), slushy snow covered the ground, adn there was mud everywhere from the melting snow.

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