Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

dream number three

kind of tied in with the previous dream...

since i couldn't get out of the small town, i got a job at their office max. it was cold, dreary, and overcast outside, as well as quite cold. i was afraid to go outside because it was colder than i had been used to.

in the break room, i find out that one of my old sandy eggo friends won a contest, where they could come to office max and pick out one thing that they had wanted. well, Si had shown up while i was on break or lunch or in the back for some reason, and as i raced back out front to see him, he had already left. i was completely crushed that he left without me saying hello to him, because being in a foreign place, i longed more than anything to see someone from my old life, to not feel so alienated anymore. i felt so completely... lost.

i remember finding out that after Si had come to get his 'prize', that it turned out that one of his coworkers was the one that actually got to pick it. after consorting with her other coworkers, she decided to drop Si's pay down to minimum wage for a month. everyone thought that was a hoot, and laughed it off.

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