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an actual post, not just dream ramblings or cut and pastes:

i'm sleepy today. i guess that's because i haven't injested nearly my daily quota on caffeine. but in order to do that, i would need to get up. which, since i have a bladder that is stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey (or would that be..? i dunno.), i have to get up anyway...

i actually have the home to myself for the first time in longer than i can remember! jess is out with some guy named Brandon, and my mom is at the food bank, getting 'supplies'. i'm celebrating by listening to music, and over lip synching to whatever i want to. why? cuz i CAN.

i'm also spending some of the time going through and updating aubreystar with old posts. so go check it out.

i also need to desperately work on getting caught up on friends lists and on replies and other emails and comics and and and... *gasps for air*

for a weird random statement: i miss having random sex on a couch.

aww, mom's home now. but that's okay, cuz she brought me cute boots and muffins!

I can still recall
The way you looked that fall
In your favorite dress
The day before you left
And since that time
I wrote a simple rhyme

And I miss you and the things you do
The time we had, the good and bad
The day we met that I can't forget
Signed Sincerely, Me

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