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something tells me that i'm not getting email responses for all my replies to my, uh.. replies. -_^

home sick, while everyone is out. i know they're mad at me for not going, but i keep getting mondo dizzy spells. i also think that a smoky noisy bar is not thee best place for someone with an ailing throat to be hanging out. plus i would SO want to try to sing, voice or no.

so here i sit, watching mom flip through the channels as i try to catch up a bit on my friends page, while cursing dial up connections and slow, full computers (i think i officially have approx. 100 mb of memory left! gah!)

hope everyone's evenings are going swell. well, as swell as can be expected, as i know that some of you are going through stressful times.


i press my tongue to the top of my mouth
cuz my jaw was tired from the thinking
and i press my toes to the end of the couch
cuz my back it was aching from sleeping..

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