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best quote all day: "In the spirit of aubkabob, this post will mostly have to do with bodily functions none of you ever wanted to know about..." i won't reveal who said it (unless they wish to reveal themselves).. i do find it humorous as well as a bit.. interesting that all of you associate "graphic bodily functions" with "aubrey".


just got back, faetal picked me up, and her and i talked to the townhome people. as long as maya linda doesn't show up on my credit yet (hopehopehope), then i will be able to move into the townhome, no problem, and andrea and i won't have to worry about finding a new place all together when her roommates move out in november.

her and i then, along with jadisan, went to the new starbucks on Main and 4th Plain to visit drew (whatever his lj name is), where too much caffeine was injested, followed by too much pizza. hilarity ensued. well, not all out hilarity, but funniness nevertheless.

now i'm home, full, and sleepy.

also, we DESPERATELY need to get rid of the last two kitttens. PLEASE, if you need/want a kitten and live in the general portland area (or want to drive from seattle *hee*), give us a call at 360-993-CATS!!! they are now almost 8 weeks old.

ever since i was a twinkle in my daddy's pants...

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